a short story, a description, a character

the Adventures of Mixm and Fiff

Mixm was a rabbit. She was white with a little pink nose, and she had very fluffy fur. Fiff was a scruffy poodle. It was lucky that her curly fur was black, because of all the dirt that accumulated there. However hard she tried to stay clean, Fiff always ended up filthy.

Mixm and Fiff were best friends. Everyone knew that! And wherever they went, whatever they did, they always had a good time together.

One morning, Mixm woke up to find that Fiff was gone. That was unusual. Mixm looked in the laundry. No Fiff. She looked in the backyard. No Fiff. She looked in the front yard, the lounge room, and the dining room. No Fiff.

Where was Fiff? Mixm hopped back to her basket to think over the likely places where Fiff could be.

They were going to attack the postman today. Had Fiff gone without her? No. No, of course not. Fiff wouldn’t do that. Maybe she was burying a bone in the garden or something. She could be hiding behind the clump of bushes in the front yard. Mixm went to check. She searched the whole front yard, which is a big place for a little bunny. Mixm lay down exhausted from her searching, only to leap up again. That sound! It was an ice-cream truck. One of Fiff’s favourite things to do was chasing trucks down the road. And, sure enough Mixm heard frenzied barking following the truck. She rushed to the gate, trying to get outside. Fiff usually opened the gate for her. The latch was much too high for poor little Mixm.

In Mixm’s haste to get outside, she hadn’t been listening to the barks of the dog chasing the ice-cream truck. They were much higher pitch than Fiff’s, and as Mixm realised this, she sat back on her haunches in disappointment. Seconds later a small Pekinese raced past, following the ice-cream truck. It was definitely not Fiff. Mixm sighed. Maybe Fiff had to go to the vet or something. Then, an idea flashed into Mixm’s head. Perhaps the two-legs had taken Fiff to the park? Mixm knew the way there. She just had to get outside first…


Fiff strained against the leash. ‘I want to go back home!’ She thought desperately. ‘Let me go!’ But it was no use. The leash held tight and the two-legs dragged her onwards, away from Mixm.

“I had plans this morning, you idiot’s!” Barked Fiff, but they didn’t pay her any attention. Fiff gave up her desperate struggling, and followed the two-legged reluctantly.

Fiff kept her head to the ground and followed the scents along the way. Fiff stopped dead at every smell she recognised, and occasionally barked ferociously at the two-legs.

She gnashed her teeth, and pulled at her leash. But they were too strong, they dragged her along the street and heaved her struggling body inside the gates of a big flat expanse of grass interspersed with gum trees. A park! Fiff looked around desperately for a way out. She ran the length of the fence. It truly was an enclosure. Fiff glanced at the two-legs. They weren’t paying her the slightest attention. Fiff wandered over to the gate, and sat down. A cunning plan was forming in her head. Fiff would wait till someone else came through the gate and slip outside before it swings shut. She would dash home, and find Mixm. Not that cunning, but it was bound to work!



Mixm looked for gaps all along the fence line. There was only one small gap in the back yard, leading into the alleyway. Mixm scratched at it for a bit, until it became big enough for her to squeeze through.

Mixm shook off the dirt that covered her from digging the hole. She looked around and set off down the alley.

Mixm didn’t hesitate until she reached the road, for it was very busy. ‘Which way?’ she thought. Mixm turned left, for no particular reason. She hopped between people’s feet, dodging dangerously high heeled shoes, and a child who reached out to grab her. Mixm turned right, then left, then left again. She got confused. She was sure the park was there, but she looked up to find a construction site. Mixm wandered for a bit more, then realised she was well and truly lost. Poor Mixm curled up in a ball and started to cry.




Fiff started to get impatient. “Come on, people, open the gate!” She growled. Finally, a young couple with a dachshund strolled into the park, leaving the gate to swing shut behind them. Fiff darted through the gap as the lock clicked quietly behind her. She was out! Fiff darted back down the street, the way she had come. Fiff followed her scent back to the busy street. Here, Fiff lost the trail, but she knew where to go from here. She pelted across the street, forcing cars to screech to a halt, the drivers yelled abuse at her. She skidded down the back lane and into the small alleyway. It took Fiff awhile to find the right fence, but eventually she located it and started to dig her way under it.

After several minutes of ferocious scrabbling, Fiff had made a hole big enough for a small poodle to fit through. Even though she knew that the space was not quite big enough for her to get inside, Fiff tried to squeeze through anyway. She got half way through and found that she was stuck. She pulled and stretched, the metal of the fence starting to tear into her back. Fiff gave one last tug and gasped in pain. The metal fence had ripped through her skin. Her back was in tatters, blood seeping through her fur. Gritting her teeth, Fiff crawled under the fence, trying not to let the fence touch her open wound. Fiff stumbled out onto the grass. She stood up, bravely ignoring the pain. Fiff walked to the back door. She pushed her head against the glass, trying to push it open. Normally it would swing open, but it was locked. Fiff sighed in exasperation. Fiff looked at the door, pondering ideas. ‘It is the only way,’ Fiff thought. She backed up several steps. Fiff took a deep breath, and then ran at the door with all her might. It was as if in slow motion. Fiff leapt into the air and crashed through the door. Glass flew everywhere, some pieces imbedding themselves in Fiff’s back. A large jagged piece of glass had landed on the carpet, point up. Fiff flew through the air and landed precisely on the jagged edge. It tore through her skin, ripping her belly open. Fiff collapsed in a heap, unable to move because of the agony. She lay there panting, bleeding, gasping, for who knows how long. Her blood spread along the carpet, reaching the walls, trickling down the hall. Her matted fur was thick with it. She moaned, knowing Mixm was not here; she’d injured herself for nothing.




Mixm was walking down the busy road. She peered around the edge of a corner and with a shock, found herself at the far end of her street. Mixm dashed around the corner and set off towards the house. “Maybe Fiff is home by now,” Mixm thought hopefully. She yawned. She was a very tired little bunny. “It’s so far away,” thought Mixm. She lay down in a pile of daisies. “I will just lie here for a bit.” Mixm closed her eyes and promptly fell into a deep sleep.



Fiff pushed herself up, ignoring the slit in her stomach and the wound on her back. She stumbled towards the front door, crashing into walls on the way. The front door was only locked from the outside. Fiff pushed her weary head against the heavy wooden door. It slowly creaked open. Fiff tripped outside and promptly fell down the steps. She picked herself up slowly and limped towards the gate. Outside in the street Fiff started down the road peering groggily from underneath the mop of blood matted fur that fell into her eyes. She was walking down the middle of the road. Fiff peered around for Mixm, as if hoping to see her here. She thought she saw a bunny shaped figure lying in the daisies up ahead. Fiff started forward eagerly, not seeing the car that was now speeding down the road toward her. Fiff gave three short barks. The bunny shaped thing stirred and lifted its head (it was definitely a bunny Fiff could see now) and gazed at Fiff with a bleary expression. Then suddenly it’s eyes opened in shock, and next moment Fiff could feel no more.




Mixm’s sleep was rudely interrupted by barking. She lifted her head to see Fiff, still some way off, coming towards her. Mixm was about to jump up and run to her when she spotted the speeding car gaining quickly on Fiff, who, by the looks of it, hadn’t noticed. Mixm struggled to get up, and she tried to call out a warning, but, too late. The car collided with Fiff, whose body gave a horrible jolt, then was flung up into the air. Mixm gasped in horror. The car screeched to halt. The driver, a young man wearing oversized jeans and a baseball cap, checked to see what he’d hit, then looked around sheepishly, got back in the car and hurriedly drove off. Mixm hopped as fast as she could to Fiff’s side. Mixm knew there was no hope. She licked Fiff’s dry nose, tried to get Fiff to wake, but to no avail. Mixm sobbed, and nestled into Fiff’s fur. Mixm knew there was no heartbeat, and it was as though Mixm’s own heart was trying to beat for them both. It pulsed rapidly inside Mixm’s small sobbing body.


Fiff’s body grew cold, and eventually someone came to collect her. They wrapped her in a black garbage bag and she was placed inside the boot of a car. The sky opened up and soon Mixm was drenched. The rain poured down and a fog started to descend. Mixm watched the car containing Fiff drive away into the mist.

No one ever came to collect Mixm. She lay, exhausted, in Fiff’s blood, until her fur was no longer snow white but a glistening red. She sobbed and shivered in the rain. The sun was starting to set, and the rain becoming lighter. Mixm struggled to her feet and headed off down the road, with no idea where she was going.

Mixm hopped for miles, eventually collapsing on the edge of a highway in the country somewhere. The cars rolled past, oblivious to the blood soaked dying little rabbit. Her irregular breathing grew shallow, and she had to struggle for each breath. She closed her eyes for the last time, seeing only the burning sunset as red as Fiff’s blood, Fiff’s blood that was coating Mixm’s fragile little body.


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